PURECAF is a liquid caffeine solution. Powdered Caffeine will not dissolve in a cold liquid, but our chemists have developed a stable form of a liquid caffeine which can be added to virtually any beverage.  Purecaf's liquid caffeine can be mixed with your favorite to produce your own custom energy drinks. Now milk, water, even beer can become an energy drink. Add liquid caffeine to anything with Purecaf!

2 oz. of PURECAF contains more Liquid Caffeine than 45 cans of Coke Classic, and more than 13 cans of Red Bull.

Buy LIQUID CAFFEINE by the gallon and you can save hundreds per gallon!

Purecaf's liquid caffeine can be added to anything! 


Selling LIQUID CAFFEINE for over 10 years!


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Caution: PURECAF is a pure LIQUID CAFFEINE intended as an ingredient only. Use no more than 1 tsp. per serving.
It is much too concentrated to drink without diluting. Never store in a place where children can access.
Store in warm areas. If white particles form, place bottle in warm (not hot) water. Don't microwave, as bottle can melt.

Remeber: Purecaf's liquid caffeine solution should only be used as an ingredient! Most potent Liquid caffeine you can buy!

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